Five key reasons to develop the new Lyon-Turin rail link. – Point 5 of 5

5. The project is to receive priority funding from the European Union.

European Central Corridor

European Central Corridor “Lisbon-Kiev”

The total cost of the almost 65km long cross-border section is estimated at 8.5 billion euros (at constant euro 2010 prices) and includes the construction of the 57km long cross border tunnel, the new international railway stations of Susa and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and the connection to the existing line in Bussoleno.

It is worth mentioning that the estimated cost for this section has increased only slightly, up to 8.5 billion from an original sum of 8.1 billion (at 2010 prices). This moderate increase is the result of tougher safety standards and of project improvements on the Italian side following a thorough concerted action with the territory.

The European Union is expected to contribute 40% of the estimated total cost within the framework of the Transeuropean Transport Networks priority project.

Finally, it is worth recalling that the total cost of the new Turin-Lyon rail link (i.e 24 billion euros), which includes the development of the cross-border section but also the construction of the access tunnels in France and Italy, is just a mere cost estimate. It includes the cumulative financial contributions made by the European Union, France and Italy as well as the costs for the development of other projects (i.e the rail service link around the Lyon conurbation) which are very much needed even without the Turin-Lyon railway.

The intergovernamental agreement signed on 30 January 2013 underscores once more the need for a gruadual development of the Turin-Lyon rail link. In both countries, the access tunnels will be developed at different stages following the evolution of traffic.



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